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However frequently your piano is used, I should be tuned at least once a year in order to keep the balance of the pressure applied to the soundboard by all of the strings. Not tuning a piano annually can lead to false economies.
A piano which has infrequent tunings will need a more in-depth and longer tuning, therefore becoming more costly in the long run.

The mechanical parts of your instrument are highly solicited by the repetitive hitting of the keyboard. The felts on the hammers pack down and flatten, taking away from the precision in the sound; the rotation axels (pivots) of these hammers also finish up with some play in them and have an impact on the tone. The numerous regulation points along the whole of the mechanical parts / keyboard should be regularly check and rectified in order to maintain the optimal potential of the instrument. When the tuner comes by, he may advise you on any potential work that way need doing (filing of hammers, pivots, mortaises de clavier)

This consists of evening out and optimising the different registers of your piano. By aerating the hammer felts, the technician may alter the timbre and the sound palette.

These steps are carried out after the tuning and regulating of the instrument. It is also through dialogue between the musician and the harmoniser that the musician may indicate his wishes and desires.

If it be for a restoration, an insurance declaration or the surrender of your piano, we are at your disposal to examine, study and give you a quote or even just value your instrument.
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You want to sell your piano? We will take care of it for you. From the transport to the sale, by way of the preparation, regulating, tuning and showcasing.

Monthly rentals: Your child has just started to learn to play the piano or maybe you want to take up the piano again… Whatever the reason, Pianos Lechevallier can offer you a rental for 39€ per month. The first 6 months will be deducted in the event of a purchase. A great solution to getting started without the investment.
Summer rentals: You come on holiday to our beautiful region but you do not want to be without your trusted musical companion? No problem! Contact us and we will deliver an instrument to you as quickly as possible, allowing you to continue with your passion.
Concert hire: Ranging from large concerts to accompanying upright pianos, we will supply you with piano of your needs.

Different to an old sofa on which the Labrador has been sleeping on for the past 5 years, a piano must be transported in optimal conditions, in a manner worthy of the artwork or a case of Romanée Conti. No impacts or differences in temperature…
Do not hesitate to contact us so we may point you in the right direction for these trained professionals.

Recognising that some of our clientele wishing to purchase pianos do not live in close enough proximity to be able to make a round trip in one day to Normandy, we propose to pay for a nights accommodation in one of our beautiful chateaux hotels in the area, in the event that the sale is concluded. If you wish to reach us by train, we propose to cover the cost of your transfer from the station and back.