Pianos numériques

1190,00 €



DP 340G

Made in Germany
Modern casing design
Keyboard lid
Grand Touch keyboard, 88 weighted hammer keys
Sound generation based on the newest DSP- and memory technology / QUANTUM²
Piano samples based on a Steinway D274 grand piano with more than 1 GB of memory
Library with 20 high resolution sounds
256 polyphonic voices
new USER CALIBRATION TOOL for fine-tuning keyboard behaviour
Effects in 2 independent blocks
4 reverb effects, 8 modulation effects
Recording function
3 pedals
Dual und layer possibility
Class D amplifier with modified speaker system
Connections: DIN MIDI in/out, AUX in/out
2 headphone connections
USB to Host
Dimensions L x D x H in mm: 1376 x 429 x 806
Weight: 42.8 kg