Piano Restoration

During the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century, Europe (notably France and Germany) was the part of the world which was the most creative in terms of piano design and manufacturing. The musical qualities and aesthetics of these pianos with forever remain unequalled in the history of instrument craftsmanship. Since these eras, time and playing have made masterpieces.

This exceptional patrimony is often in bad condition and forgotten about. It is through observing and listening that we can determine, if underneath the all dust and usage, there is a latent potential for the expression of the instrument.

Then we think about the choice of materials and methods to be used, in order to recreate the original character of the piano.

Although the major part of the work is on the mechanical structure / keyboard and cabinet, the finishing stages are what will ultimately reveal the true identity of the piano.

It is with great please that we show you round our workshop. This way, we can better show you the details of our profession, one we are proud to be doing.